Organized by the Centre for Analysis and Research on Economic and Social Policies of Cameroon (CAMERCAP-PARC), the Coaching Program of 40 young actors in the field of ICT took place from 11 to 13 July 2017 in hotel les Députés of Yaounde.


40 young actors in the ICT field took part in this work, led by experts and coaches mobilized by the centre. The official opening took place in the presence of several representatives of the press organs under the presidency of the Executive Director of CAMERCAP-PARC. In his introductory speech, he welcomed the participants, set the context for the activity and defined the objectives of the program. He finally urged young startuppers to dare to make their ideas viable. The aim is an exchange of ideas to help young people structure their ideas and give them confidence in their abilities.

It is on a note of satisfaction and hope in 40 young actors in their development in entrepreneurial potential and in the assembly of their projects that the Executive Director closed the session with a presentation of the participants' participation certificates. The main recommendations are reproduced in the attached report.

Download the report here

Three strategic priorities

  • Promoting political stability +

    Promoting political stability Strengthening essential capacities to promote political and social stability for transformational change.
  • Regulate the productive sector +

    Regulate the productive sector Build capacity to engage and regulate the productive sector.
  • Monitor the impact of policies +

    Monitor the impact of policies Build capacity to monitor the impact of policies.
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Priority Action Plan

  • Adoption +

    Adoption Adoption of an integrated approach to human capital
  • Optimisation +

    Optimisation Optimisation of the programming and implementation capacities of Cameroon's development policies, projects and programs
  • Rationalisation +

    Rationalisation Rationalisation of institutions in the public sector, the private sector
  • Alignment +

    Alignment Alignment of choices and vision of development with cultural roots and the local environment
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