Macro Result 2 : Cameroon reached the MDG / ODD by 2020.

Macro Action 2: Implement a consistent and efficient development policy.

Priority Action 11: Adopt TIME variable as central and essential determinant in the exercise or practice of planning and implementation (RBM) and develop the segment of foresight with projections and simulations in the medium and long terms;

Priority Action 12: Make systematic culture of positive or negative sanctions in the management of public affairs;

Priority Action 13: Exploiting the opportunities of the diaspora:
• Remove barriers to dual nationality;
• Use the diaspora to create bridges to support exports of finished goods (added value). Ex: ORCA / MAHIMA / Life Mate groups, etc.;
• Rely on their savings to invest and provide security for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI);
• Keep up-to-date a rooster of all national skills abroad.

Priority Action 14: Implement and operationalize the modernization of public finance plan with emphasis on streamlining procedures (administrative simplification);

Priority Action 15: Empowering public service managers by loosening the visa coat which increases the procedures and results in a low consumption of financing credits both internally and externally; Give primacy to results, not to procedures;

Priority Action 16: Systematise / socialise the rotation principle in the public-sector leadership functions and semi-public (this is already happening in the private sector and the International Civil Service). Example: Appointment in Council of Ministers or Board of Directors on a predictable short-list and grant at least 03 months for the change of duties;

Priority Action 17: Reinstall higher education and research at the heart of development issues by creating a chain of valorization of research results (more researchers to improve the ranking of our universities);

Priority Action 18: Ability to build a strong middle class to sustain growth in production and consumption;

Priority Action 19: Develop a national expertise in negotiating and drafting agreements, contracts and agreements with foreign partners, based on general interest and patriotic spirit;

Priority Action 20: Develop a culture of statistics for management based on facts and figures; Facilitate access to information for the citizen by adopting the culture of OPEN DATA. All cannot be classified "secret defense"!

Three strategic priorities

  • Promoting political stability +

    Promoting political stability Strengthening essential capacities to promote political and social stability for transformational change.
  • Regulate the productive sector +

    Regulate the productive sector Build capacity to engage and regulate the productive sector.
  • Monitor the impact of policies +

    Monitor the impact of policies Build capacity to monitor the impact of policies.
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Priority Action Plan

  • Adoption +

    Adoption Adoption of an integrated approach to human capital
  • Optimisation +

    Optimisation Optimisation of the programming and implementation capacities of Cameroon's development policies, projects and programs
  • Rationalisation +

    Rationalisation Rationalisation of institutions in the public sector, the private sector
  • Alignment +

    Alignment Alignment of choices and vision of development with cultural roots and the local environment
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