Macro Result 1: The country has adequate human capital to fully realize the GESD programs to reach the stage of emerging country.

Macro Action 1: Implement efficient and effective management mechanisms of potential human capital available.

Priority action 1: Promote leadership in academic training curricula / learning to arouse in all segments of society, individuals can bring change and progress in leading the masses;

Priority Action 2: Adopt the rule of expertise and knowledge to be on the learned knowledge (accumulated knowledge) in the implementation of policies;

Priority Action 3: Evaluate the profile of skills needs in all sectors and derive plans and training required upgrade (adapt Training curricula for the needs of the country);

Priority Action 4: Diversify skills acquisition courses (classical academic, vocational training, learning, including the alternation), with priority to sciences and technology;

Priority Action 5: Wear vocational training to at least 50% (in the whole education system) to create the necessary qualifications for the implementation of GESD and the 2035 vision;

Priority Action 6: Refresh and operationalize / applicable law (1998) school orientation and systematise the practice of bilingualism. Make the most of biculturalism and bilingualism in our country;

Priority Action 7: Set a career profile by trade and establish transparent promotion measures emphasizing meritocracy;

Priority Action 8: Exalt and prime excellence. A simple example would be the organization of a reception ceremony by the President of the Republic or the Prime Minister, a corporation or a social body at each national day (May 20) or occasionally to boost meritocracy: The best farmers / breeders, artists, sportsmen, students, economic operators, media men, civil society actors, religious, etc.;

Priority Action 9: Getting the best advantage of the abundant supply of labour by the youths and dynamic work by promoting outsourcing and telecommuting because of a competitive advantage on the cost of labor;

Priority Action 10: To update and operationalise the National Human Resources Observatory, including the diaspora; Establish and activate a rooster of national competencies in "reserve".

Three strategic priorities

  • Promoting political stability +

    Promoting political stability Strengthening essential capacities to promote political and social stability for transformational change.
  • Regulate the productive sector +

    Regulate the productive sector Build capacity to engage and regulate the productive sector.
  • Monitor the impact of policies +

    Monitor the impact of policies Build capacity to monitor the impact of policies.
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Priority Action Plan

  • Adoption +

    Adoption Adoption of an integrated approach to human capital
  • Optimisation +

    Optimisation Optimisation of the programming and implementation capacities of Cameroon's development policies, projects and programs
  • Rationalisation +

    Rationalisation Rationalisation of institutions in the public sector, the private sector
  • Alignment +

    Alignment Alignment of choices and vision of development with cultural roots and the local environment
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