Macro Outcome 4: The actions and development policies are embedded in solidum and are based on socio-cultural foundations of localities.

Macro Action 4: Intergrade the concept of decentralization, regional planning as well as cultural values as priority vectors in the development policy planning process.

Priority Action 31: Completing the process of decentralization and make operational the mechanisms programmed;

Priority Action 32: Realise and produce monographs for each municipality and CTD and update every 03 years;

Priority Action 33: Developpe local public services and jobs / communal thirds;

Priority Action 34: Revise communal plans of development (CPD) to put in coherence with the institutional framework of regional development: CPD should be integrated in the process design projects and be ready to accommodate the changes it imposes;

Priority Action 35: rethinking urbanization policy aligning the construction of cities on modern bases (the city must be thought and constructed and not villages that turn into cities). Ex Abuja, Harare Delhi.

Priority Action 36: Identify and developpe 10 local agricultural products to merchandise for export abroad, at least one product per region (by 2020). Establish a national competition for the 360 municipalities to that effect;

Priority Action 37: Identify and developpe a tourism product and / or cultural per region and to promote itself internationally and merchandise

Priority Action 38: Establish the social dialogue structures cascaded from base to top of the organization of the territory;

Priority Action 39: Developpe local Competencies to make the most of the decentralized cooperation (CPD cases in West Africa and East);

Priority Action 40: Make operational the family code by integranting cultural roots / understood as solidarity é /adhesion / keying in "African" values of sharing and solidarity and not  accumulation background on individualism

Three strategic priorities

  • Promoting political stability +

    Promoting political stability Strengthening essential capacities to promote political and social stability for transformational change.
  • Regulate the productive sector +

    Regulate the productive sector Build capacity to engage and regulate the productive sector.
  • Monitor the impact of policies +

    Monitor the impact of policies Build capacity to monitor the impact of policies.
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Priority Action Plan

  • Adoption +

    Adoption Adoption of an integrated approach to human capital
  • Optimisation +

    Optimisation Optimisation of the programming and implementation capacities of Cameroon's development policies, projects and programs
  • Rationalisation +

    Rationalisation Rationalisation of institutions in the public sector, the private sector
  • Alignment +

    Alignment Alignment of choices and vision of development with cultural roots and the local environment
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