Macro Output 3.1: Better coordinated policies, more coherent and efficient

Macro Result 3.2: A reduction in operating expenses to reduce the public investment rate greater than or equal to 40% of the budget.

Macro Action 1: Implement the rationalisation program of institutions on the national space

Priority Action 21: Reduce the number of ministerial posts and stabilise government architecture at a suitable average of 20-25 maximum portfolios;

Priority Action 22: Eliminate the multiplicity of operational bodies and / or executive in various areas of public life / private sector and civil society;

Priority Action 23: Refresh the mandate of the Economic and Social Council and make it fully operational;

Priority Action 24: Complete the constitutional process of 1996;

Priority Action 25: Update DSCE et review the assumptions / adjust the implementation device;

Priority Action 26: Develop a coherent analysis unit and the interactions between different laws and regulations or frameworks;

Priority Action 27: Restore the authority of the state, culture of public service and public morality (respect for public property) / educate citizens to discipline;

Priority Action 28: Encourage and promote the work of think tanks to boost intellectual reflection and applied research on current facts;

Priority Action 29: Developpe and coordinate negotiation skills and mobilisation of domestic and external resources through innovative mechanisms (release the over-centralisation of decision-making). Compared to other developing countries, Cameroon does not exploit sufficiently the opportunities offered by cooperation. Example: DFID, absent and less visible with the British cooperation same thing with the Northern countries (Norway etc.)

Priority Action 30: Create a high-level structure in charge of the evaluation of results for example; Planning Commission found in most countries of the European Union or the Monitoring and Evaluation of Development in large institutions such as The ACBF, the ADB, the World Bank. In the public and private sectors, it is equally urgent to integrate the calculation and appraisal of the per capital performance of employees as a basis for motivation.

Three strategic priorities

  • Promoting political stability +

    Promoting political stability Strengthening essential capacities to promote political and social stability for transformational change.
  • Regulate the productive sector +

    Regulate the productive sector Build capacity to engage and regulate the productive sector.
  • Monitor the impact of policies +

    Monitor the impact of policies Build capacity to monitor the impact of policies.
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Priority Action Plan

  • Adoption +

    Adoption Adoption of an integrated approach to human capital
  • Optimisation +

    Optimisation Optimisation of the programming and implementation capacities of Cameroon's development policies, projects and programs
  • Rationalisation +

    Rationalisation Rationalisation of institutions in the public sector, the private sector
  • Alignment +

    Alignment Alignment of choices and vision of development with cultural roots and the local environment
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